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Shentai Solar is an experienced and respected; ISO 9001 certified Chinese Manufacturer of Evacuated Tube Solar Panel Systems, Split Pressurized Solar Water Heaters, Integrated Pressurized Solar Water Heaters, Non-pressurized Solar Water Heaters and associated Solar Panel Accessories.

Designing highly efficient Evacuated Tube Solar Panels for converting the limitless solar energy available from the sun into Thermal Energy to provide lashings of inexpensive Hot Water has long been a passion of Shentai Solar. This is borne out by Shentai Solars commitment to the continuing Research and Development into finding better manufacturing techniques and the use of newer materials; to create high output and extremely efficient Evacuated Tube Solar Panel Systems at very affordable prices.

Shentai Solar can help you make the transition from traditional methods for heating hot water to benefiting from the advantages that Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heating Systems will provide. Your energy bills will be considerably lower, and you will be helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

Let Shentai Solar bring light into your life

Come and visit the Shentai Solar Showroom and talk to our friendly technical staff, or simply phone us, for advice on how Evacuated Tube Solar Panel Systems can give you lashings of Domestic Hot Water and save you money.

About Shentai
Solar Thermal Systems
Shentai Solar Ireland is the Distribution arm of the Zhejiang Shentai Solar Energy Company Ltd, an ISO 9001 certified  Manufacturer of Evacuated Tube, Stainless Steel Cylinders Solar Panel Water Heating Systems and Controller Solutions.  Shentai Solar Energy Company Ltd., an experienced and respected leader in the field of Solar Energy, operate from a 26,000m² manufacturing facility in China, and export over 80,000 Solar Water Heating Systems and Stainless Steel Cylind..   read more >